Quality of Life


It’s impossible to imagine what Paola would be without its historic places, charming homes, turn-of-the-century storefronts, and especially its iconic Park Square.

Having such city is a treasure, and the Discover Historic Paola association has made a commitment to do all that it can to keep it. But that commitment takes hard work, dedication, and resources. And we could use your help. Discover Historic Paola is proud to be a Kansas not-for-profit and is designated as a charitable organization under IRS 501(c)(3), making your contributions tax deductible. We have different options to help make giving fit with budget.


A recurring donation helps us with critical operations costs (“keeping the lights on”). We have automated subscription plans for monthly or yearly cycles. Any surplus (anything over $500 in the bank at the end of the calendar year) gets donated directly to one of our specific projects.

One-Time Donations

A one-time donation goes directly toward our active community projects for beautification, revitalization, and preservation. We have preset amounts available online, or contact us to doante a custom amount.

Please consider helping us in our efforts in the beautification, revitalization, and preservation of Paola by making a donation at our secure online site. Thank you from the bottom of our small-town-with-a-big-heart.