Our Strategic Vision

for the 2022 Calendar Year

Beautification Focus: fundraising for equipment improvements in Paola’s Park Square

Beautification: visual impact improve­ments to make downtown Paola pleasant and inviting.

Revitalization: creative ideas to make being in downtown Paola engaging and  attractive.

Preservation: efforts and resources to protect the character and culture of downtown Paola.

Why we do what we do

Although Discover Historic Paola is focusing its efforts on this specific project, we recognize that work related to the development of quality of life and well-being in the community is a long term effort, extending in many directions.

Our conversations about other services, efforts, and interests never stop: community support toolkits; networking, messaging, social media; free assistance and consulting; community engagement; civic pride, Paola’s history; and countless other things.

We do this with the goal of seeing downtown Paola flourish, with plentiful opportunities to grow local wealth, enhance civic pride, and bring together the whole community: a Small Town with a Big Heart.