Grant Writing Assistance 



Get in touch with Discover Historic Paola if you need help with grant writing.

We have trained staff in our association who can help with the process. Our staff have assisted organizations with grant writing at an 80% award success rate. We are here to help our community get the assistance it can use to flourish!

For the future, we hope to be able to develop a full, start-to-finish grant support service for organizations in our community.


For the non-profits, service organizations, and secular charities in our community, Discover Historic Paola offers consultation and assistance with fundraising efforts. As a Kansas not-for-profit and a 501(c)(3) organization, we recognize the value and importance of fundraising and financial stewardship for community success.

Let us work together with service projects, community events, and marketing efforts to see Paola continue be a great place, economically vibrant and responsible, and welcoming and kind to everyone within and from outside of our community. In addition to fundraising project management assistance, marketing, and volunteer helping hands, Discover Historic Paola can provide assistance with understanding banking and financial management best practices, technology and resource support, and organizational effectiveness. And many of these areas of expertise are not just for business: we offer assistance with effective personal and household management that benefits your own personal quality of life when you need it.