Sharing Paola

An Association Built from Shared Passion

Discover Historic Paola grew from a group of local residents and business owners who were seeking to combine their impassioned efforts in making downtown Paola a thriving place.

As the group took shape and incorporated as a not-for-profit with the State of Kansas as the Discover Historic Paola Association (DHP), it established its mission and vision for downtown Paola, and engaged its first major service: the Paola Farmers Market.

Based on its mission and vision, DHP has developed various services to engage with the Paola community in a shared passion for a thriving and revitalized downtown Paola that respects the historic, cultural, and aesthetic value of our small town.


Driving Values

Our mission, vision, and priorities for Paola

Discover Historic Paola exists to support local community efforts to rehabilitate and protect the unique downtown area of Paola. Our association efforts aim to benefit the local community and economy through collaboration, education, and low- or no-cost resources in ways that are respectful to the history and small town nature of the city.

Read Our Strategic Vision (PDF)

Collaborating Community

Individual volunteers and local business sponsors

Our association operates through the volunteer efforts of individual members and support from the local community of donors and sponsors. A board of directors comprising elected association members controls the strategic vision of DHP, establishes priorities for each calendar year, and evaluates the effectiveness of the association’s daily operations.

The Discover Historic Paola Association is a Not-For-Profit, incorporated in Kansas, and is in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) charity promoting community well-being, historic preservation, and overall quality of life.

Please feel free to review our public documents for our [soon-to-be] charitable organization. 

Read Our Association By-Laws (PDF)

Read Our Association Rulebook (PDF)