Due to the Labor Day holiday, our monthly meeting will be on the second Monday in September.

Please join us at 5:30 PM on Monday, Sept 12th at 8 East Kaskaskia St, Paola

Hope to see you there!

Downtown Paola and Park Square

The Heart of Paola

Located in the middle of the four crossings of Peoria, Wea, Silver, and Pearl streets is Paola’s iconic Park Square, a quintessential small town green bordered by turn-of-the-century commercial buildings.

Preserving the history and aesthetic of Paola’s downtown and square is the primary focus of the Discover Historic Paola association. We are a group of volunteer residents and business owners dedicated to beautifying, revitalizing, and preserving downtown Paola.

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What We Do

Revit­aliz­ation Projects

We are implementing a beautification plan for Paola’s Park Square, to focus front-line efforts on the quick & direct visual impact of a clean and colorful streetscape. Through coordinated fundraising, technical expertise, and good old-fashioned volunteer labor, we are planting the seeds of success on the Square.

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Local Busi­ness Promo­tions

We work with local business owners and organizations to support promotions and collaborative activities like shop crawls, cross-promotional discounts, and theme days. We are here as a community resource for grant writing, community development, marketing, and residential support.

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Tour­ism Activ­ities

We focus our support on community efforts that help to share Paola—our favorite piece of the heartland—with others, including agritourism promotion, local events, and the Paola Farmers Market.

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How Can We Help?

The saying goes that “it takes a village” but we like to say “it takes a small town with a big heart.” Let us know what we can do to help you in a thriving downtown Paola.

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